External Trade of the CIS Countries 2010
 (Statistical  abstract)


Russian - English version
Periodicity: annual
 551 pages, format 17 х 24 cm

ISBN  978-5-89078-111-6

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The statistical publication “External Trade of the Countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States 2010 contains statistical data on external trade in commodities (i.e. excluding export and import transactions of services; for Uzbekistan – including services) of states-participants of the Commonwealth between each other and other countries of the world:
             - value of exports and imports, foreign trade balance and, of which by main partners;
             - structure of exports and imports by main sections and commodity groups;
             - exports and imports of basic goods in kind and in value, of which by main  trade partners;
             - value of exports, imports, external trade balance of some countries of the world.

       The source of these data was information of the corresponding national agencies of CIS responsible for foreign trade statistics, the data contained in freight customs declarations (FCD) filled in by declarants when receiving  customs clearance, as well as statistical accounting of the participants of external economic activity.