Commonwealth of Independent States in 2010
(Digest of preliminary statistical results)

Russian - English version
Periodicity: annual
429 pages, format A4
 ISBN 978-5-89078-

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    The abstract contains statistical materials, characterizing socio-economic situation of the CIS countries by basic indicators of macroeconomics, branch economy, external trade, social sphere.  

The concise statistical abstract of preliminary results of the CIS countries development contains data on population, its employment, gross domestic product, prices, output of main industrial and agricultural products, consumer market, money income and expenditure of population, social sphere, results of external trade.

The source of the information contained in the abstract are official data of the CIS national statistical services member-states of the Commonwealth, submitted to the CIS Statcommittee in accordance with “The List of Indicators for the International Exchange of Statistical Information” approved by the Council of the Heads of these agencies, and methodology agreed for the CIS countries, meets international standards and provides the necessary comparisons for data comparability. Cases of deviation from the general methodology, which are caused by features of the economy and legislation of the countries, specified in the text and in the section of methodological explanations of the abstract.

Aggregated and other derived indicators in the abstract (in particular, the outcome of the Commonwealth) are calculated as a rule on an agreed methodology, but their individual values are defined with the reservation with the additional officially published information (web-sites, abstracts etc.).

Aggregated and other derived indicators in the abstract are calculated as a rule on the basis of methodology adopted for the Commonwealth countries and approved by the Council of the Heads of Statistical Services the Commonwealth countries and corresponding to international standards. Calculation of some indicators is based on the estimates of CIS Statcommittee experts.

In some cases insignificant discrepancies between the total value and the sum of its components are due to rounding up the data.

Recalculations of a number of value indicators were done with the usage of average annual official exchange rates published by Commonwealth countries national banks. In order to convert the country’s currency into US dollars and Russian roubles the data of the National (Central) Banks on the exchange rates of the national currencies shown at the pages 140-145 ought to be used.

Data for 2010 for some indicators are preliminary and can be revised later.