Labour market in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Statistical abstract

Statistical abstract
Russian-English version
Periodicity: irregular

 357 pages, format 17 х 24 см
ISBN 978-5-89078-072-0

          The statistical abstract provides basic indicators about population and labour resources, number of employed, distribution of employed about population by industries and sectors of economy, by status in employment, labour supply and demand,  labour turnover, labour conditions,  unemployment rate, labour cost, professional education and other aspects of labour analysis in the CIS countries.

          The abstract contains official data of CIS national statistical services received on the basis of statistical reports, non recurrent surveys and accounting. All indicators in the abstract are calculated in accordance with the unified methodology, coordinated for the CIS countries.

          For analysis of branch differentiation the data on employment, wages and some other indicators in some countries of the CIS are given  in accordance  with Classifications of kinds of economic  activities based on Statistical Classification of Kinds of  Economic Activities  of the European Community (NACE,rev,1) beginning from the years of introduction in other countries – in accordance with Classification of Branches of National Economy of the former USSR (CBNE) applied before by the CIS countries.

Data for some indicators are preliminary and can be adjusted later on.

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