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Statcommittee of the CIS countries is the official disseminator of economic and statistical information on socio-economic situation of the CIS countries offers subscription service.


Subscribers are entitled
to the following services:

Access to the Web database "Statistics of the CIS"

"Statistics of the CIS" statistical bulletin , Russian version, (3 issue per year)
"Social and economic situation of the CIS countries" express-report, Russian version, (1 issue per mounth)

Statistical publications:

Commonwealth of Independent States (Statistical Yearbook), Russian-English version
Commonwealth of Independent States (digest of provisional statistical results), Russian-English version
External Trade of the CIS Countries, Russian-English version

Population, employment and living conditions in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States 2016  (statistical abstract; Russian-English version)


 Statistical materials on subject of special interest by additional order of subscriber.

 Consultations on methodology of calculation of individual statistical indicators, information on international standards in the field of statistical science.

       Subscribers benefit from reduced rates for the different services and the rate remains unchanged during the term of the contract.
        The price of subscription service is US$3550 per year.
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      The CIS Statistical Committee also prepares economic and statistical materials upon request of the clients.

        Interested parties can receive, upon request, individually prepared materials and reports on socio-economic situation in the CIS countries, process of implementation of economic reforms, development of different industries, demographic and social processes. The analysis is carried out by highly qualified specialists of the Committee.

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