National Accounts of the Commonwealth of Independent States 2005-2009,
Statistical Compendium

Russian-English version
372 pages, format  А4
 ISBN 978-5-89078-101-7

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        The compendium contains systematization of official statistical data on major aspects of economic development submitted by the statistical services of the CIS countries. These data are compiled in accordance with the concepts, definitions and classifications of the System of National Accounts (SNA) 1993 adopted by the UN Statistical Commission. The SNA 1993 is a system of interrelated indicators and classifications depicting the most important results and aspects of economic process. The data of the SNA are intended for the analysis of the economy at the macro level, preparation of the short- and midterm economic forecasts, making decisions by the government on formulation of socio-economic policies.

           The compendium includes aggregates compiled both for the economy as a whole and sectors and industries of the economy. The most important aggregates of the SNA presented in the compendium are gross domestic product and its components, gross national income, gross national disposable income, national saving, net lending, net borrowing. In addition the compendium contains data characterizing distribution, redistribution and final use of income as well as transactions with capital and financial instruments for sectors of the economy.