Population, Employment and  Living Conditions in the Countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States

Russian-English version

318 pages

ISBN 9785890781024      




         The abstract presents the main socio-economic indicators on the size, structure and reproduction of the population, the data on population health and economic activity, material living and housing conditions, state of environment. The data on pre-school, general and professional education, culture, production of printed editions are also included.

The abstract contains the data on consumer market for goods and services, consumer prices index for a basic food and non-food items and paid services.

Methodological notes are given for the main indicators.

Some cost indicators have been recalculated using the official exchange rates from national banks of the CIS countries.

The sources of information for the publication are the official data from national statistical services of the Commonwealth member-sates.

The abstract prepared by the Department on Social and Demographic Statistics of the CIS Statcommittee.