Agro-Industrial Complex in the Countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States
Statistical Abstract

Russian - English version
Periodicity: irregular
274 pages, format 17 24 cm

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    The abstract contains statistical materials, characterizing the state and development of agriculture, sales and processing of agricultural production, domestic and external trade in food products; consumption of foodstuffs, financial situation and prices in agro-industrial complex of the CIS countries. International comparisons are given for some indicators.
    All text of the abstract is published in Russian and English.
   The publication is intended for the CIS bodies, government agencies, research organizations, specialists in the field of agriculture, industry and trade, teachers, post-graduates and students of economic higher education establishments, economists, statisticians, businessmen, mass media and other users who are interested in the problems of the development of the CIS countries.
The abstract is available in electronic form (on diskettes and other delivery platforms).