Finances, Investment and Prices of the Commonwealth of Independent States

Statistical Compendium

Russian-English Version
368 pages, format 17 24 sm
  ISBN 978-5-89078-115-4


The publication contains main indicators characterising important aspects of economic development of  the Commonwealth  of  Independent  States for 2007-2010 and I quarter 2011: financial situation - indicators of state budgets, money circulation and credit, financial markets, financial activities of economic entities, formation of saving of population, external debt and exchange rates; investment activities - investment capital, investment in fixed capital; dynamics of producer and consumer prices. Selected financial indicators by the countries of the world are also included.

This publication is intended for the general government of the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States and bodies of the Commonwealth of Independent States, as well as for staff of financial and economic services of the enterprises and organizations, representatives of business and bank circles, researchers, economists, and statisticians.

The publication may be provided in electronic form.

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