THE COMMONWEALTH OF INDEPENDENT STATES 2009-2013

Statistical abstract

Russian - English version
368 pages, format 17 24 cm
ISBN 978-5-89078-126-0  


This publication contains systematized information for  2009-2013 on revenue and expenditure of the state budgets, money circulation  and credit, financial markets and exchange rates, main financial indicators of enterprises (including accounts receivable and payable of enterprises), formation of savings of population, external debt  and the public debt of the  CIS countries, investment  into the economy,  dynamics of producer and consumer prices.

Data of the statistical bodies of the CIS countries were used as data sources. Selected data were provided from the officially published materials of national (central) banks and ministries of finance of the CIS countries (including on their official websites).

 Data for Moldova exclude the information on the territory of the left bank of Dniester river and Bendery city.

Brief methodological notes to the main indicators are also included.

For selected countries the data for 2013 are preliminary and can be revised. The data in the present compendium in some cases differ from previously published series as a result of receiving updated information.

In some cases insignificant discrepancies between the total value and the sum of its components are due to rounding up the data.

        The publication is prepared by the Department of Economic Statistics of the CIS Statcommittee in cooperation with the specialists of the Department of Social and Demographic Statistics.


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