Methodology of the Statistics of the
CIS Countries

Russian version
Periodicity: irregular
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     The Interstate Statistical Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States jointly with the national statistical services regularly issues methodological developments (recommendations, regulations, conceptions, instructions, etc.) for their dissemination among the wide circle of users. Some of the methodological developments are combined into abstracts.
      The first issue (1994) contains methodological explanatory notes on the "Minimum of statistical indicators", determined by the Council of the Heads of statistical services for ensuring the common information statistical space in the framework of the Commonwealth.
      In the second issue (1996) the methodological explanatory notes on the definition of indicators of the common statistical base of the Economic Union, envisaged for interstate statistical information exchange, are given.
     The coordinated List of indicators and methodological calculations is to be specified when necessary.
     The present issue contains modified methodological explanatory notes on the definition of indicators for interstate statistical information exchange taking into account the needs of Interstate Economic Committee of the Economic Union and consists of two parts:
      Part I - List and characteristics of the basic indicators of the common base of the Economic Union.
      Part II - Methodological explanatory notes to the system of indicators for interstate exchange.
      The methodology of these indicators is the result of the analysis of experience accumulated by domestic and world statistical practice and of the recommendations of the international statistical and economic organizations.