Macroeconomics and finances of the CIS
and other countries of the world:
2009 2012

 Concise statistical abstract

(Russian-English version)
61 pages


The publication contains key macroeconomic indicators characterizing important aspects of economic development of the Commonwealth of Independent States and some world countries for 2009-2012: - indicators of Gross Domestic Product, state budgets, money circulation, exchange rates.
         Recalculations of GDP from national currencies to US dollars were made by CIS-Stat on the basis of average annual official rates of national currencies to US dollar which were established by the central (national) banks of the CIS countries.
Data for Moldova exclude the information on the territory of the left bank of Dniester river and Bender city.
        Selected data for 201
2 are preliminary and can be revised in subsequent editions. Insignificant divergences between totals and sum are explained by rounding of data.
This publication is intended for the general government of the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States and bodies of the Commonwealth of Independent States, as well as for the staff of financial and economic services of the enterprises and organizations, representatives of business and bank circles, researchers, economists and statisticians.
The publication is available in electronic form.